Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Photographer's Shoutout

Me and my camera is apart
To get a picture is awesome
And you, isn't good object, but not worst object, you are ordinary object
Maybe, i can edited your picture, but sorry, i just want the real

When i capture your picture, it so dark
I tried to turn on my flash lamp, but i get red eye
I tried to increase my exposure, but your picture blured
I roll my lense to get a focus, but my lense can't get that, oo maybe my camera shaked
I stand my camera on my tripod, but i'm not understand why are your picture still blur
I tried to shot you from unusual angle, but your picture still bad

All Photography Technic i tried, but i can't get good image from you
I wont edited your picture
Sorry boy, move from my lens, find another camera and i'll wait magic time to get an extraordinary image to capture.

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